Daryl Williams Jr.

99% A Human, 1% Amazing: Empowering Educators to Overcome Stress, Avoid Burnout, and Create Impactful Change

Are you committed to teaching, but feeling ineffective?
  • Do you feel like you’re exhausting yourself in the classroom, and still not impacting at the level of your potential?
  • Do you dream of bringing out the best in every student, but lack the know-how?
  • Do you want to stop comparing yourself to other teachers and start leveraging your uniqueness to make a difference?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the guide you need to find clarity in your purpose, and increase the efficacy of your practice.

99% A Human 1% Amazing is an inspiring blueprint for improving student outcomes, and making a lasting impact on their lives. Through relatable analogies, and researched-based advice, Daryl Williams Jr. shares his own journey of transitioning from a terrible teacher, to a two-time Teacher of the Year and takes you down the path of self-discovery to help you find your 1% Amazing and maximize your potential.

Divided into four sections, each filled with encouragement, empowerment, and effective strategies, this book helps you:

Identify Your Dream- answer critical questions that will help you gain clarity around your educational purpose.

Illuminate Your Differences- highlight the things that make you unique, and learn how to make that work for you in the classroom.

Ignore Your Doubters- gain skills to fortify your mindset so that you can withstand scrutiny.

Improve Your Data- learn strategies that you can apply in your classroom right now in order to increase student outcomes.

Whether you’re a beginning teacher or an experienced teacher, or just want to effectively impact a group of young people, 99% A Human 1% Amazing gives you the tools to make a difference.

This book will help you to:
  • Gain clarity around what impact you specifically are designed to have.
  • Leverage your uniqueness to drive educational transformation.
  • Fortify your mindset to combat both imposter syndrome and external doubt.
  • Add practical strategies to your toolbox to manage the class, and increase student achievement.
This book is for those that want to impact the world through education, but are feeling ineffective, and unsure if they can make the difference they desire. Understand that while you are 99% A Human, you are 1% Amazing, and it is out of your unique 1% that you will make a difference in students' lives.

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